Interesting New Product from Gamers Grass


The Battle Ready Bases product from Gamers Grass.

I recently tried a new product, called Battle Ready Bases.  These are bases for wargaming figures that come pre painted, textured, etc.  They have different ones for different terrain types, from desert to these winter ones shown.

A pack of bases includes ten pre-textured, pre-flocked bases with tufts on them.  I bought three packs, and each base was slightly different.  At $20 a pack, or $2 a base for Greg, they aren’t cheap, but the time it would take me to do these myself makes $20 worth it.  And I wouldn’t do nearly as good a job or take the time to apply this much detail.

I wouldn’t base 1000 figures this way, but for skirmish games, I think these are a good value.  Since they are complete, you need to stick figures to them that have no bases, like slot-a-base figures with the tab removed or some of the plastic figures where the base is a separate piece.  I think a lot of the Warlord plastics come that way.

Two Russian figures mounted on the bases.

I based 19 figures last night.  Whatever they are made of or finished with, super glue sticks to them almost as well as my hands.  The figures seem to be securely attached without pinning.  I’m sure that I am as likely to break one of these brittle, plastic rifles as I am to knock the figures off their bases, and the figures are easily re-attached.

Anyway, I very much recommend this product.  When the hobby funds build back up, I think I’ll try some of their other terrain types, like desert.

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