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Over a year ago, I purchased some of Terra Former products from Sally 4th.  See  I really like these, but I have been hesitant to get started.  Last weekend, I worked on a couple of them, and this weekend I finished laying in the foam and cork bark on the 15 that I purchased.  From these pictures you can see how they turned out.  They certainly don’t look as good as the ones that Sally 4th makes to display — and that Chris Abbey uses in his gaming room — but when I finish them, I think they will be good.

Here is one view of the 15 tiles I made. They can be arranged in different ways for different games. While slightly less flexible than Dwarven Forge, I think these are significantly more practical to set up and take down.

The tile in the front right slants downward so that the doorway on that side is at table level. All the others are two inches above the table.

There are three doorways that you can punch out on each side. I just punched out the middle doorways to ensure that the results would be geomorphic. Some are four-way, some three-way, some two-way (either a turn or straight), and some are dead ends.

Because the base of each tile is filled with two inches of insulation foam, I was able to cut into the top layer to make some depressions. The round one toward the top center of the picture will eventually be filled with molten lava.

The rock formations are made of cork bark.  You can buy bags of it on Amazon.  It does not cut easily, and I had to use a jigsaw.  I was wishing I had a band saw.

I hope to begin to paint them entirely in chocolate brown next weekend, inside and out.  The next step will be to mix some sand in the same chocolate brown and paint the mixture on the horizontal surfaces and walls that down’t have cork bark.  Then I will dry brush all of it with a lighter brown.  After that, I may add a few rocks and other items to give it some character.

Once completed, the boxes have holes on the side.  They came with rare earth magnets.  When I glue in the magnets, the tiles will connect securely during game play.

What will I do with this?  Part of the project was just DOING it.  It is something I’ve not done before.  You can imagine any number of scenarios that can make use of tunnels.  It could be an Indian tunnel, and the Army could attack.  I’ll almost certainly use these for my giant ant games.  I may run some sort of dungeon crawl as well.  I am sure they will be well used once I finish them.

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