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Ghost Archipelago Campaign Game 2: Aranea Insula

Don H
The Game
Several weeks (maybe months) ago we played the second game of our 2019 Ghost Archipelago Campaign.  We had 7 of our 9 regular players in attendance, which meant we had 3 Central Treasures in play, spaced down the center of the 10’x3’ table so as to be equidistant from all nearby start zones.

We played a scenario called “Spider Island” that was designed by one of the guys in the group.  Besides the regular treasure on the table, each player placed 2 clutches of spider eggs (For a total of 14 in play (2 x 7 players =14).  These eggs, from various degrees of extra-large Tree Spiders, are considered a valuable commodity in magical circles, and for each one recovered the crew got 10 Experience Points and 15 Gold Coins.   We used a specialized Random Encounter table with the following results:  1-5: Roll on the regular Random Encounter table, 6-11: Tree Spider, 12-15: Large Tree Spider, 16-18: Huge Tree Spider, 19-20: Giant Tree Spider. 

A view of the table

To the left of Ragnam’s crew was Heritor Cassilda Blackmane, and her Earth Warden, Quartz.  To the left front was Heritor, Arkhan the Cruel, and his Beast Warden Tyril Tallguy.  And immediately across and slightly to the right was my old nemesis Heritor Barl and his Warden Lorria. 


Ragnam sat on the top deck of his dwarven ironclad, Iron Fist.  He had sold most of his holdings in Vadglim to purchase the ship.  It was an older ship but still quite seaworthy, or so he hoped.  It should prove to be maneuverable enough in the small islands chains he had heard about.  The islands he was sailing towards.

Ragnam had a good dwarven crew (of course are dwarven crews are good) to man the ship and provide for a shore party.  He had managed to recruit two elven archers who turned out to be twins (All elfs look alike) and a human who claimed to be a highly skilled swimmer and diver (Pearl Diver).  He had recruited a Hunter but unfortunately, Liraft fell to the Heritor’s Barl’s crew on his first expedition.  Ragnam knew he would probably need to replace him sometime soon.  And just as he was leaving Vadglim, and old friend had talked him into taking his son along on his adventures.  The boy’s name was Bengel, and he had developed an ability to use magic.  So far it involved sending rats into the houses of people he didn’t like, or rabbits to eat their gardens.  His father felt it best if he got away from the town for a while and experienced life in the real world.  So Ragnam hesitantly agreed after Bengel promised to follow orders and not torment the crew with his critter spells.

As the crew efficiently went about their duties, Ragnam’s thoughts turned to his next destination, an island called Aranea Insula.  No one talked much about the place except to tell him to stay away.  “Stay away?  Hmmm….wonder what could be hiding on the island.  Maybe a clue about the hidden pool.” he pondered.

“CAPTAIN!” a lookout called to him.  “I prefer to be called Ragnam” he replied.  “Okay Captain, whatever you want.  There’s a ship trailing us.  We can spot its sails when it crests the waves.  Any orders Captain?” Ragnam sighed and replied,  “Maintain our course and keep an eye on them. …and ready the aft gun crews, just in case they are needed.”

The next day arrived without incident as the Iron Fist entered a grouping of small islands.  The other ship was still nearby but they lost sight of it as they threaded their way between the various islets.  When they reached what Ragnam hoped was the right island, he dropped anchor.

Ragnam and his crew ready for action

The Report

Having rowed ashore, Ragam and company moved through the jungle towards the center of the island.  With the death of his hunter, Liraft, he brought along Lahm (Crewman) to round out his crew.  After a couple of hours, they stopped to get their bearings.  As soon as they did, they could hear the sounds of other groups stomping around off in the distance.  Far to the left Ragnam could see the ruins of a large temple covered in thick spider webs.  To the right was a tall obelisk with what appeared to be a small sack sitting on top.  And just about everywhere he looked, he saw what had to be spider webs – big spider webs – gigantic spider webs. “Spiders!” Ragnam says to no one in particular as he spits on the ground.  “Of course there are spiders, what do you think Aranea Insula means?  It’s Spider Island.” offers up Bengel.  He continues, “Aranea, a genus of common orb-weaving spiders.  That means they build spiral wheel-shaped webs, just like those over there. (Pointing to the left)  They grow from very small all the up to several feet acro…"  "Enough lad!” interrupts Ragnam, “We get it, big, ugly spiders everywhere. Stay alert."  With that, Ragnam directs his crew to cautiously move forward.

Bengel casts Summon Animal and hears a goat braying in the distance.  He calls him to move forward.  Lahm (Crewman) spots a treasure and quickly moves forward.  He picks it up and places it in his backpack.

As they slowly move forward, Ragnam could just make out a crossbowman hiding in the brush a ways off.  He identifies the man as one of Barl’s crew.  Ragnam is surprised to see him here after the mauling he gave Barl and his crew last time they met.  "I wonder if his ship was the one following me?” he thought as he surveyed his surroundings.  As he watches, the crossbowman raises his weapon and aims towards his crew.  Ragnam quickly aims his bow and releases an arrow.  “THHUUNNNKKKK!!!!”, it strikes the crossbowman hard in the chest, dropping him to the ground.  While that happens, Snoz (Crewman) runs forward and picks up a treasure.

Kippen (Pearl Diver) is nearly scared to death as a huge spider jumps out of the brush.  Its fangs raked across his arm, an immediate numbing sensation wracks his body – he was poisoned (He also suffered 8 damage).

Ragnam takes out an easy target

Looking around, Ragnam spies one of Barl’s crewmen moving towards a small chest hidden in a small cave under some ruins.  He motions to several of his crewmen to follow him.  Ragnam, with three of his crewmen, then gang rush Barl’s crewman.  Ragnam easily dispatches him in what can only be described as extreme overkill.  He can see more of Barl’s crew moving towards him.

Kippen and the big spiders

Meanwhile, Bengel had heard Kippen’s call for help.  He manages to cast Control Animal on the huge spider as Kippen backed away as far as he could.  Good thing too as another huge spider suddenly appeared out of the dense brush.  The two spiders stared at each other for a moment before ferociously charging into combat with each other (This fight would continue for several turns).

Bengel casts Control Animal on one of the big spiders
Ragnam’s archers take down Heritor Barl

Teflin and Teklin (Twin elven archers) see Barl running in the their direction.  They simultaneously raise their bows and release two arrows.  Barl manages to dodge one while the other ended up embdded in his shoulder (caused 6 damage).  The arrow didn’t slow his charge as he slams into contact with both of the archer twins.  The archers lept to opposite sides of Barl, twirling and slicing with their daggers.  Teflin stumbles slightly on an exposed root.  Barl grins at the opening this posed and drew back his sword for a quick kill.  Teklin sees an opportunity and thrusts his dagger at Barl’s neck.  To his surprise, and Barl’s, the dagger connects and slices deeply.  With one hand grasping his throat and look of bewilderment on his face, Barl slowly sank to the jungle floor.  Teflin leans over to check on him, “No pulse.  Looks like he is gone.  Never seen a dead Heritor before."  (Barl rolled a 1 for his recovery roll.  But luckily his crew had recovered some Lingenberries which allowed them to revive him)  For the two twins, justice had been served – they had both been one-shotted during the last encounter with Barl’s crew.

Ragnam and crew fighting off Barl’s crew

Having dispatched the crewman, Ragnam now moves to fight Barl’s Freebooter who had run up to contest the treasure.  To his amazement, the Freebooter strikes him hard in the side.  Ragnam calls upon his Heritor abilities to assist but they fail him.  The blood burn was so fierce that he stumbled back a couple of steps (Ragnam took 9 damage, tried to use Ironskin to reduce the damage.  Failed and took 3 additional damage from the Blood Burn.  The Freebooter than pushed him out of combat).  Knurrig (Crewman) continued the fight and managed to avoid getting hit by the Freebooter.  Pimpel (Crewman) is able to fell the Freebooter when his sword glances off his opponents shoulder armor and whacks him up side the head. 

The fight continues but there are casualties on both sides

Knurrig is struck in the thigh by an arrow (takes 7 damage).  Ragnam moves forward and easily strikes down the archer.  Bengel casts Water of Life on Ragnam to heal some of his previous wounds.

Kippen has moved to the base of a large obelisk to watch the spiders continue their deadly dance.  He glance up and spots something lying on top.  He slowly starts to climb up (Reduced to one action due to the poison).  Barl’s Warden sees what Kippen is doing and uses some kind of magic spell to fly to the top of the obelisk.  Obviously hoping to steal the treasure before Kippen can recover it.  Watching from some nearby cover, Teklin sends an arrow towards the Warden striking her in the shoulder (caused 6 damage).  She wobbled a bit but maintained her footing atop the obelisk.

Ragnam shoots at another of Barl’s archer (causing 8 damage).  Teklin shoots the same archer and takes him out of action.

Knurrig picks up a sack of spider eggs. Teflin picked up some eggs.  Teklin picks up some eggs.  Snoz picks up some eggs.  Its like an Easter egg hunt, everyone is finding and picking up spider eggs.

Bengel cast Water of Life on Kippen, curing his poison.  With a surge of energy, Kippen climbs to rest of the way to the top of the obelisk to engage Barls’s Warden.  After a short fight, he manages to unbalance the young warden.  She falls to the ground with a loud thud and doesn’t move.  Kippen grabs the sack he had spied earlier and starts to climb down.

Seeing the remnants of Barl’s crew fleeing through the jungle underbrush, Ragnam calls for his crew to return to the beach.  Its been a long and rewarding day.

Ragnam’s crew and their loot


Back on board the Iron Fist, Ragnam puffs on his pipe as he contemplates the day’s events.  All of crew had already recovered from their ordeal, helped along by his young Warden’s healing spell.  His crew recovered 40 gold crowns, an Episcean Helmet, a Superior Dagger (+1 damage), a Bag of Holding, and a set of Divining Rods.  They also gathered up five spider egg sacks that were worth 75 gold crowns.  "It might be time to sail back to port” he mused.

Back in port, Ragnam inquired around for a new Hunter but none were available for hire.  He did manage to recruit a Tribal Guide who had been abandoned there by another crew.  He was than eager to sign aboard and get away from the port town.  Ragnam had another bit of luck while searching for old maps in an Antiquities Shop – an old ship’s compass.  It should prove to be useful.

Well a great game and a nice haul of loot items.  It has taken me way too long to get this report finished.  I still have the report from our third game to post and as well as the fourth game which we just completed.  Time to get busy writing.

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Giant Bats: Bones 4 Figures

Chris Palmer

     This past week I painted my first figures from the new Bones 4 Kickstarter; the Giant Bats from the Darkreach Expansion.  They aren’t the most exciting figures to start with, but they are some of the creatures from the Kickstarter that I’ve eagerly been waiting for to help complete my Bestiary for our Ghost Archipelago Campaign.  So I picked these, that I had a pressing need for, to start with.
      These figures are the new Bones Black material, and  I prepped the figures in the usual way; soaking them in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish-soap added and then rinsing and drying.   I then glued the one on the tombstone to a 1" fender washer, and the other 2 to 7/8" black-primed fender washers, with Aleene’s Tacky glue.  I then glued the figures to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of the Elmer’s glue each.

      I began by painting the all three figures entirely with Ceramcoat “Black”.  When dry, I gave the three bats a light drybrushing with Americana “Charcoal Grey”, and then drybrushed them with Americana “Asphaltum”, concentrating mainly on their bodies and the wing spines.

      I then carefully gave their bodies a light drybrushing with Crafter’s Acrylic “Cinnamon Brown”.   After that, I mixed a little Folk Art “Barn Wood”, and Folk Art “Milkshake”, and drybrushed their faces.  Next, I painted the insides of their ears with the “Milkshake”, and then painted their mouths with Americana “Shading Flesh”.   I then tried to paint their little fangs with Americana “Snow White”, and their eyes with Ceramcoat “Bright Red”.

      I decided I wanted a little more highlight on the bat bodies, so I gave them a final drybrush with some Americana “Light Cinnamon”.  I then worked on the stones they’re perched on; drybrushing them first with Americana “Neutral Grey”, followed with a drybrush of Folk Art “Platinum Gray”.   Lastly, I painted the all the bases with Americana “Mississippi Mud”.
     I let the figures dry overnight and the next day I gave them a coat of Americana “DuraClear Matte” varnish.    Then, when  the varnish was dry, I used some white glue to flock the bases.  Another overnight dry, and I sprayed them with Testors “Dullcote”. 

NOTE: Recently I had been using Winsor & Newton Professional “Matt Varnish”, but I have found those Bones figures have since turned tacky; so stopped using it on Bones.

Just noticed I missed the wing on the lefthand one with the matte spray…

     I’ve always painted bats by painting them Black and then simply drybrushing then some sort  of Grey or Blue-Grey.  This time, I actually Googled “Vampire Bats”, and was surprised to see how Brown they actually were, and their faces were mostly bare skin.  So, I thought I’d try something a little different this time, and go for a more brown-colored bat.    In the end, I’m happy with how they turned out, and I think they look a lot better than if I had had just dybrushed them Grey.

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Evil Nazi Scientists (and Nazi Zombies) battle Allied Commandos at Mass Pikemen Club

Mark A. Morin

We had a very fun game of Pulp Alley last Saturday at the Mass Pikemen Gaming Club’s April session.  Scott Howland did a smashing job at running his scenario.  It involved four WWII (well, sort of) allies trying to seize key control points from evil Nazi Scientists and their reanimated zombie troops.

I played on the Allied side along with Jared (running a squad of Russians) and his son Jack (running an eagle-eyed group of Americans – replete with an eagle-headed leader).  My squad was a retro-sci-fi group of heavily armed dudes with jet-packs (those of you who have seen my sci-fi games know I love troops with jet-packs!).

We entered the game on four corners – and needed to seize various control points by turn 6.  Anything we did not seize would default to the evil side – which in this case was Scott’s son Ethan (controlling the mad scientists in the building) and Mike (controlling the reanimated Germans).  The control points were multiple: gaining possession of two alien bodies in a lab; gaining possession of three crates by the UFO; seizing some electronic gear in one of the labs; and accessing and downloading information from a couple of computers in the lab.

Only Ethan had played before, and the game went smoothly.  There were cards that you could play to affect action, and you could play them for your allies which was nice.

1 Pulp Alley
Scott, young Jack, and Mike prepare for the game.  
2 Pulp Alley
A view of the courtyard and the adjacent building.  The three crates were objectives, as was the electronic equipment on the right.
3 my crew at Pulp Alley
My crew – the 27th Rocket Patrol.
3a my crew at Pulp Alley
My data chart for the game for my crew.
4 zombie Nazis at Pulp Alley
Reanimated Nazi Zombies
5 zombie Nazi Scientists at Pulp Alley
Evil Nazi scientists and henchmen
6 Eagle eyed troops at Pulp Alley
Jack’s Eagle-eyed squad,  aptly named.
7 Alien bodies at Pulp Alley
Another of the objective points – alien bodies on slabs.
8 electro room
A better view of the electronics – that were dangerous to approach.
9 moving towards the Nazi Zombies and their objectives
I jet-packed my squad in behind the trucks.
9a moving towards the Nazi Zombies and their objectives
I then dispatched two zombies – and one of my guys was hit but recovered.  Things started off very well for me.
9b moving towards the Nazi Zombies and their objectives
However, Mike was able to counterattack and kill one of my squad and delay my getting to the objective crates.  By the time that I did get there, it was turn 6, and I failed two rolls with two troopers needed to pick up two crates, leaving them in the hands of the German zombies.
10 Russians brawl
On the other side of the game, Jared’s Russians brawled with a couple of zombies before getting into the lab.
11 Scott GM's the fight in the lab
Scott adjudicating combat with Jack’s troops in the building, while Jared and Ethan ponder their next moves.
12 computers fight back
Jack got a couple of his troopers into one of the rooms with a computer terminal.  They tried to download data, but the computer was booby-trapped, and they failed their saving rolls.
13 Mike and Ethan are relievd that the tide of battle has turned
Ethan and Mike on the right are feeling close to victory after a very bad start.
14 young Jack gets the alien body
The only victory point for the Allies came from Jack – who seized one of the alien bodies.  Our poor saving throws at the other objectives doomed the Allies.

All in all it was a fun quick game.  The final was 6-3 for the Evil Nazi Scientists.  I liked the figures and the set up a lot – very cool and thanks to Scott for running such a cool game.

Our next sessions are on May 11th and June 29th – likely some What a Tanker and some Retro-Sci-fi Combat Patrol!

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A Slight Excess of Inspiration

Rob Dean

April has generally not been a good month for miniatures gaming in general, although we did get that 40mm Not Quite Seven Years War game in last weekend.  In painting, I have casually been working on a group of figures intended for some sort of urban fantasy game, although whether it will turn out to be a role playing game or some sort of skirmish war-game remains to be seen.  An urban mat from Cigar Box Battles arrived recently, although I haven’t yet started on any of the card buildings to develop it.  
Of the group shown here, the two in the back were previously shown, and were my test figures from the Hero Forge custom miniatures service.  I am trying to be good about that, and only order them as fast as I am painting them, so they were duly followed by a second order for three figures late last fall, just before moving occupied my time.
The front row includes the first of those three, Violet with her exotic pet, and three Reaper figures from their Chronoscope range.  
Friends, Foes, or Bystanders? As yet, unknown…

But at least I know their names…

However, the combination of a 40mm game on the table and the arrival of A Gentleman’s War (AGW) has apparently got my Muse working overtime, since I started thinking about dusting off my long-neglected French Revolution figures to use with the rules.  According to my records, I haven’t had them on the table in the entire ten years I’ve been keeping this blog, although my son did run a game at Cold Wars a few years back.  With the Scarlet Pimpernel scenarios we were using, we already have a selection of unusual and personality figures to use with the Cameo Roles rules from AGW, and I’ll have to see what else I can create.

That sent me digging through the basement to see whether I had any castings left over from the last round of work on the project.  Now, my painted figures are reasonably well labeled and sorted into storage boxes for easy deployment, but the unpainted figures, especially home cast ones, are generally not.  It took several hours of search to conclude that I have only a handful of potential new recruits, but at least I now know where all the 40mm Renaissance expansion figures are, and have collected the 40mm NQSYW figures into one location.  I set aside what French Revolution expansion pieces I had, and also found some partially painted NQSYW figures to work on while the FRs are being assembled.

I don’t know if it’s possible to have too many miniatures, but, if it were, being unable to find them when the Muse provides inspiration would likely be a sign…At least the collection of molds for casting more is well organized, so I shall hope for some good weather in the near future.

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An Incident from the Not Quite Seven Years War

Rob Dean

Ross Macfarlane and I had an opportunity to put a game on the table last weekend, for the first time in a while, although this was the latest in a series of remote games.  I have these tagged as “Skype” on the blog, but we have been using Google Hangouts in recent years.  
The Not Quite Seven Years War has traditionally been played using Charge!, with our collection of Prince August and Meisterzinn 40mm home cast figures, but we are scheduled to host a couple of games at Huzzah! in Portland, Maine, next month, and have elected to use With MacDuff to the Frontier.  On Saturday it was time to try out one of the scenarios, Ambush-1 from C.S. Grant’s indispensable War Games Scenarios, or “The Green Book”.  This action involves a convoy, represented by two wagons in our game, attempting to make its way across the table to a bridge, through some rough territory in which an ambushing force is concealed.  Ross took the convoy, and I took the ambushers for convenience, since the hidden deployment aspects were easier for me to handle as the physical host of the game. Convoy troops were a mix of allied forces, and the ambushers represented my usual image-nation of Schoeffen-Buschhagen.
The convoy had an escort of two cavalry, four infantry and an artillery unit, and the ambushers had a light cavalry unit, two light infantry units, and two line infantry units.  I elected to deploy three of my four units in a blocking position near the bridge, with the cavalry and one light infantry further forward to harass the convoy as it advanced.
Convoy guard (in red) deploy

Things started well enough for me.  Ross led off with a unit of allied hussars, who were readily put to flight by the Schoeffen-Buschhagen hussars, who appeared out of some dead ground around the middle of the table.

S-B Hussars sweep down upon the enemy

After that, however, things became more difficult.  Ross carefully advanced the wagons behind a screen of his line infantry, and covered the tail of the convoy with his gun and a squadron of dragoons.  My forward light infantry were reluctant to advance out of covered position in some woods onto open ground in the face of the dragoons, and my hussars were clearly outmatched as well and hung back.

Wagons advancing cautiously, well screened…
Schlusselbrett foot advance against the S-B blocking force

That left the fight in the front, where Ross’s allied infantry pressed ahead and engaged in a close range firefight with the blocking S-B infantry.  After a deadly exchange of fire, the remaining S-B forces were now outnumbered significantly by the allies, and their commander prudently elected to break off and hope for better luck on a different day.

After some technical difficulties in getting started, the battle took about three hours, which was a pleasant diversion for a Saturday afternoon.

I was reminded how much I enjoy seeing the big guys on the table, so perhaps it is time to get a few more painted.  It does look, however, like I am going to be limited to 4×6 or smaller tables for home games for the foreseeable future, so there probably needs to be some reconsideration of the upper limits of the project given the numbers that can be maneuvered.

For some variety I recently acquired Howard Whitehouse and Dan Foley’s new book A Gentleman’s War, which contemplates 12 man infantry and 6 man cavalry units, and has rules covering the mid-1700s up through the later 19th century, and should therefore be suitable for use with these figures.  I shall hope to post a full review sometime soon, after a game.

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Combat Patrol 1939 in York, PA


The Little Wars TV people asked me to come to their clubhouse and run a Combat Patrol™: WWII game for them.  Greg and I drove up there yesterday after work to set up and run a 1939 Polish scenario that I have run in conventions previously.

The scenario involved a German attack toward a Polish armored train that was sitting astride their route of advance.  The turret on the train was out of ammunition, but there was a Bofors gun on top that the Poles used effectively throughout the game.

The Germans had two 38(t) tanks, a Pz. I, three halftracks, a full platoon of infantry, and a command car.  The Poles had a platoon of infantry, the Bofors on the train, two Wz-34 armored cars, three tankettes (one with a 20mm cannon).  The Bofors had a limited field of fire down the center of the table, but fortunately for the Poles, the Germans pretty much pushed up the center of the table.

Despite losing a halftrack early, the Germans advanced steadily across the table, but mostly where they weighted their attack on their right.  The Poles began to lose a lot of infantry across the table  They had occupied the building in the center of the table, and for a while, that was the Germans’ only target.  While the Germans only had a little more infantry than the Poles, the Germans made good use of the machine-guns on the halftracks.

While the Poles had lost much of their infantry and the Bofors, they had lost no vehicles.  The armored cars and the machinegun-armed tankettes were advancing on the Polish left, threatening to overwhelm the Germans on that flank.  The tankette with the 20mm cannon was causing the remaining German halftrack (with half a squad of infantry) to seek cover.

At this point, we called the game a Polish victory.  It appeared that all the members of the club really enjoyed the rules and the game, which was gratifying.

The Little Wars TV club is a great bunch of guys.  Greg and I had a very good time with them.  They also have a great facility for gaming.

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Work Continues on Hoth Boards


A doctored view of some figures set in the hangar entrance for the Hoth extravaganza.

I have continued to develop the terrain boards for our Combat Patrol battle of Hoth extravaganza for Historicon 2019.  This is a work in progress, because the rocks at the entrance of the hangar / cave still need to be painted.

A long shot of the battle boards. You can see the inside of the hangar through the opening.

The table will consist of 30 textured terrain boards that are two feet square.  Three of those boards represent the interior of the hangar (the gray you see in these photos).  The other 27 are winter.  On top of these boards we will place hills, rocks, and other scatter terrain.  You can see the black and gray rocks in some of these shots.  The rocks around the hangar entrance will look the same.

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The Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter is Here!

Chris Palmer

  Well, I’m happy to announce that this past week my box from the Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter arrived; 22.7 pounds of plastic goodness!  I’ve spent the last few days going through it all.

Official box inspectors check out the shipment to make sure it is satisfactory! 😀

In the end, this is what I had ordered:

1) Core Set
2) Dreadmere Expansion Set
3) Darkreach Expansion Set
4) Lost Valley Expansion Set
5) Fan Favorites Expansion Set
6) Dragon Turtle Add-On
7) Tree of Despair Add-On
8) Frost Giant Raiders Add-On
9) Mossbeard Add-On
10) Stygian Barge Add-On
11) Skeletal DragonAdd-On
12) Trolls Add-On
13) Extra Snakemen
14) Extra Ape Attack
15) Extra Ghost Pirates   

Upon opening. What magic awaits?!

   This Kickstarter ended up being produced in a a mix of regular Bones (which is now tinted grey-ish) and Reaper’s new Bones Black material (which is a slightly darker grey).    These are the Bones Black sets and add-ons:

Chronoscope Expansion
Lost Valley Expansion
Dreadmere Expansion
Darkreach Expansion
Fan Favorites Expansion

Living Statues Amazons
Living Statues Spartans
Tree of Despair
Baba Yaga’s Hut
Lord of the Jungle
King Cobra
Frost Giant Raiders

All the packages spread out.

    Below is a sampling of a random mix of figures.

Frost Giant Raiders

Dragon Turtle.  It’s huge!
Mossbeard.  Another huge model.
From the Lost Valley Expansion; the Tribal Hut and Warchief Mumlak.  The Hut I thought was smaller than expected, while the Warchief is about 50% taller than expected.  

The Stygian Barge Add-On is a monster of a model!   I look forward to working on this though I think I’m going to try and de-necro it to make it look more like just an old barge.
The Herbalist from the Dreadmere Expansion.  Bones have come a long way since the first Kickstarter, and the Bones Black material is amazing. Look a the detail; she has eyelids and brows!  (Plus two adorable wee hedgehogs assisting her…)

Amazing detail on the Dark Elf Queen from the Darkreach Expansion.  

Perhaps my favorite figure; the Pack Turtle from Dreadmere.

A comparison shot of the materials.  The First figure is Original Bones, the second is New Bones from Bones 4, and the third is Bones Black from Bones 4.

As I offered before, if there is any particular model you would like to see, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to get it added it to this entry.

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War Pugs!: Bones 3 Figure

Chris Palmer

     Well, my Bones 4 Kickstarter order was shipped this past week, but it isn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow; so in the meantime I painted the 3 War Pugs that originally came with the Bones 3 Dwarf King’s Companions Optional Add-on Set.  I picked this trio up in an exchange.
    I prepped the figures in the usual way; soaking them in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish-soap added and then rinsing and drying.   I then glued them to 7/8" black-primed fender washers with Aleene’s Tacky glue.  I then glued the figures to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of the Elmer’s glue each.

     I began by painting two of the pugs with Americana “Bleached Sand”, and the third with Ceramcoat “Black”.  When dry, I gave the two light colored pugs a wash with Citadel “Agrax Earthshade” wash.  When the wash was dry, I drybrushed the light colored pugs with the “Bleached Sand”, and then added highlights with Ceramcoat “White” mixed with a little of the “Bleached Sand”.    I painted the third pug Ceramcoat “Black”.

     Next, I did a light drybrush on their lower backs of the lighter colored two with a mix of Americana “Cinnamon”, and Americana “Asphaltum."   I then painted their muzzles, ears, and eye sockets a mix of the "Black” and “Asphaltum”.

     I then painted the inside of the open mouth with a mix of Americana “Shading Flesh” and Crafter’s Acrylic “Tutti Frutti”.  While it dried, I painted the eyes and noses “Black”.    I then gave the open a mouth a wash with some of the “Agrax Earthshade”.  While the wash dried, I added “White” highlight dots to the eyes, and Americana “Neutral Grey” highlights to the noses and around the mouths.  After that, I highlighted the tongue with Crafter’s Acrylic “Cherry Blossom Pink”. 
     It was now time to turn my attention to the black pug.  I drybrushed him with a little Americana “Zinc” and then added more specific highlights with Crafter’s Acrylic “Storm Cloud Grey”.
      Lastly, I painted the figures bases with Americana “Mississippi Mud”.

     I let the figures dry overnight and the next day I gave them a coat of Americana “DuraClear Matte” varnish.    Then, when  the varnish was dry, I used some white glue to flock the bases.  Another overnight dry, and I sprayed them all with Testor’s Dullcote".

     I’m really happy with how these little fellas turned out.  Now I need to find an excuse to get them on the table.  🙂

   So tomorrow I hope to be swimming in Bones 4 goodness!  I will try to get some unboxing photos up on the blog either this Thursday, or next Monday, time permitting.    Let me know if there’s anything particular you would like pictures of; and if I ordered it, I will try to grab some shots.

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Completed my modular caverns


Little by little I’ve been working on my Sally 4th Terra Former modular terrain.  I have been working on making caverns that I could use in pulp games, science fiction games, and others.

All 15 Terra Former tiles.

In the next few shots, you will see closeups of the tiles with some 28mm figures for scale.

The evil scientist’s lair!

Space kangaroos versus Colonial Marines.

Giant ants versus American infantry.

Several tiles.

More tiles.

Another view of the ants versus the America infantry

One final view

The Terra Former product is really good.  The boxes went together easily.  It took a little work to make the interiors with insulation foam, cork bark, and lots of spakle.  I am happy with the final results.

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