Cold Wars in the HAWKs Room


Below are some pictures I took in the HAWKs room this past weekend at Cold Wars.


Greg’s This is Not a Test game on winter terrain:

Duncan’s Soynara Gringo game:

This game is based on a report in the newspapers in 1916.  It was reported that Japanese had landed in Mexico and were preparing to invade the US.  In this scenario, Japanese with a few Mexicans were attacking into Mexico.

Dave Wood’s Colonial Combat Patrol™ game:

Zeb Cook’s High Himalayas pulp game:

My Combat Patrol™ 1939 Winter War game:


Chris Palmer’s Feudal Patrol™ War of the Roses game:

This game featured the under-development Feudal Patrol rules based on Combat Patrol™: WWII.

My Barbarossa Combat Patrol™ game:

This game involved German infantry supported by the 211th Armored Battalion, which was equipped with captured French tanks, attacking the Russians near Murmansk.   This scenario was based on a true incident.

Thou it didn’t win an award, I was quite happy with the look of the table.  The players seemed to have a good time.

Bill Molyneau running Beer and Pretzels Ironclads:

Mike and Kevin Fisher running a stompy robot game:

My GASLIGHT game, called Tales of the Gold Monkey:

This was a typical GASLIGHT free-for-all with multiple factions trying to round up treasure in the jungle.  Most of the board was just palm trees.  As the factions began to explore I placed more terrain, natives, creatures, and treasure.

Geoff’s Lego Pirate game for kids:

Dave Wood’s Look, Sarge, No Charts: World War II game:

This was the first war-game ever for the person in the green shirt on the right.

Harry and Michael Kogleshotz’ Samurai game:

Harry used Blood and Swash for this game.

Steve’s WWI game:

Bill Acheson’s Combat Patrol™ game set in Italy:

Bill had a relative who won a Distinguished Service Cross in this battle.

There were a number of other nice games, but I was busy running my four games and didn’t get pictures of them all.  Zeb Cook ran a very nice looking Finland 1939 game using Combat Patrol™, but I don’t have any pictures of it.

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