Fungal Queen: Bones 4 Darkreach Figure

Chris Palmer

     This past week I painted the Fungal Queen figure from the Bones 4 Darkreach Expansion set.   I’m considering an “Island of the Living Mushrooms” scenario for our Ghost Archipelago campaign, and wanted to start working on the Mushroom folk from the Darkreach set.  I didn’t want to jump right in with the big Queen figure until I worked out exactly how I wanted to paint these; so last week I painted the Fungal Handmaiden as a trial for some ideas I had, and I  was happy enough with the results to start work on the Queen.
      I prepped the figure in the usual way, soaking it in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish-soap added, then giving it a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying it.  I then glued the figure to a black-primed 1.5" fender washer with Aleene’s Tacky glue, and then placed the figure in my painting grip.   I didn’t glue the mushroom cap on at this point, because it really would have blocked access to her head, and conversely the underside of the cap.

     I began by painting the entire figure with Americana “Snow White”.

     When the “Snow White” was dry, I gave her “dress” a wash with very thinned Crafter’s Acrylic “Purple Passion”.  When the wash was dry, I touched up areas where is had spread onto the “Snow White”, and then gave her skin a wash with Citadel “Reikland Fleshshade” wash.    I decided the train of her dress looked to bland, so went over alternating bands with Iron Wind Metals “Purple” Ink.

     Next, I realized she had glove-like tendrils on her hands, so I painted those with thinned “Purple Passion”, and gave them a light coat of thinned “Purple” Ink to help define them.   I then touched hup her hair with the “Snow White”, and when dry, went over it with some thinned Americana “Neutral Grey”.  After that, I highlighted her clothing with a little Apple Barrel “Apple Lavender”, and some of the “Apple Lavender” mixed with some of the “Snow White”. I then painted the stalagmites at her feet with Americana “Mississippi Mud”. 

     I also at this time painted the underside of the mushroom cap with the “Snow White”, and when dry, went over it with the thinned “Neutral Grey”.

     I painted her face like I had done the Fungal Handmaiden, and then highlighted her skin with a mix of Crafter’s Acrylic “Light Antique White” and a little of the “Reikland Fleshshade"  I then did lighter highlights with the base "Snow White”.  I also highlighted her hair, and the undrside of the cap with the base “Snow White”.

     I went over the Stalagmites with Citadel “Agrax Earthsahde” and when dry, drybrushed them with Folk Art “Butter Pecan, and then the lighter Americana "Bleached Sand”.  I also decided to add more bling to her train, and went over the bands I had used the Purple" ink on using Folk Art “Color Shift "Purple Flash”.   I then painted the washer base with a mix of the “Mississippi Mud” and the “Neutral Grey”
      At this point I drybryshed the underside of the cap with the base “Snow White”, and then glued the cap on the Queen’s head using Gorilla Superglue Gel".   After the Glue set for a while, I painted the entire top of it with the “Apple Lavender”.  When the “Apple Lavender” was dry, I then drybrushed it with the darker Crafter’s Acrylic “African Violet”, trying just to hit the little raised geometric areas.  When done, I then worked with a small brush at cleaning up where the “African Violet” drybrushing had gotten on the narrow “Apple Lavender” channels, and then filling in by hand those geometric areas of the “African Violet” that hadn’t been fully hit with the drybrushing of the color.
     I let the figure dry overnight and the next day I gave her a coat of Americana “DuraClear Matte” varnish.  Another overnight dry, and I sprayed her with Testor’s “Dullcote”.

     For the most part I’m really happy with how she turned out.  I wish I had spent a little more time with the tendrils on her hands, and in getting the highlights on the underside of the cap up to a brighter true white. But for my gaming purposes I am content.  Now on to some more of the mushroom court!

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0 thoughts on “Fungal Queen: Bones 4 Darkreach Figure

    1. Thanks, John! I was really pleased with how the top of that cap came out. But,as I said in the write-up, I wish I had spend some more time with the underside… it just looks muddy to me now.

    1. Thanks, Mark!

      Good point, and I agree it looks like a “real” mushroom would; but being the Queen I’m sure she has flunkies to clean stuff like that for her. 😀

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