A Pair of Games (preliminary)

Rob Dean

These are exciting times in the Dean family.  Senior son (and Prince Palatine of Wachovia) is getting married on Saturday, and the family is converging on this area.  Younger son William arrived in town over the weekend, and we were able to get in a couple of games yesterday.  

William expressed a desire to command his NQSYW army of Wiegenburg, which he hadn’t been able to do for a couple of years, so we set up a quick scenario using  A Gentleman’s War.  In the first, we used the random army generation system, and decided that this looked like a hasty attack on the main body of an army while its cavalry was occupied elsewhere. So we agreed that the army of the Western League was attempting to prevent the Allies from starting a siege.  Due to the random factors, I ended up with a nearly hopeless attack on a strong position and I quickly reached the agreed  army breakpoint and declared a withdrawal.

William commanding the Allies

 Since it was still early, we reset the table and tried again.  Following on in the narrative, I pulled out some of the stock of siege materials, and declared that the League was now making an attack to attempt to break the siege in progress.  My objective was to cross the table and destroy a gun emplacement and a supply dump, while William was attempting to inflict 50% casualties before I could do that.  This was more balanced, although we decreed that most of his forces were off the table and had to arrive piecemeal.  Nevertheless, I still lost.  William agreed that it was a fun set of rules.  While I wouldn’t want to use them exclusively, they do make for a very engaging game in the confined space of the dining room gaming table.  A little polishing and the second game could be a good scenario for reuse…Anyway, I hope to post a fuller report before the weekend arrives and the festivities overtake us.

Last gasp of the League attack; note the mortars emplaced in the top right

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