Ooops I have been Delinquent

It seems that I have not added any links to games here in years. I’m afraid I didn’t do full write ups on the last couple of convention games nor my own solo games nor make links to my own or Rob or Chris’s blogs. Must do better.

In the meantime here are links to a couple of my own reports and a stray picture from a 2015 convention game.

2015 Charge! at Huzzah. Wow 4 years since Rob and I ran a Not Quite The Seven Years War convention game. So many rules and periods, so little time. There will be more in the next decade. 

Rob reading the players their rights…sorry, rules before the game begins.
Scenario 1 from CSG’s Scenarios for Wargames, aka The Not Quite Fontenoy scenario.

2013 Solo ambush game. Link to battle report below

from Not Quite The Seven Years War

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