Reaper “Bones 5” Kickstarter in its Final Days!

Chris Palmer

   Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Reaper Miniatures’ Bones 5 Kickstarter is in it’s final few days, and will be ending this Saturday the 2nd!
   There’s been a lot of great stuff unlocked and still more to come.
   The big highlight of this project so far has been the almost yard-long Pirate Ship that Reaper will be doing.   The plan is to have it come apart at the deck levels so you will have several decks worth of playable surface.

   One of the expansions I’m most excited for is this Dark Depths one.  Lots of cool critters in it, and some great fodder for making units, which as primarily a wargamer, I’m always looking for.

(Click to see larger)

    You can check these figures and a lot more out at the Kickstarter main page: Bones 5: Pizza Dungeon!

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