No Figure Today. :(

Chris Palmer

     Just wanted to let my readers know that I didn’t get a Bones figure completed for this week.  I was busy painting figures for demo games we’re going to be doing at the upcoming Cold Wars convention of a new rules set and figure line that Old Glory/Blue Moon is going to be releasing soon called “Wars of Ozz”.  Here’s some shots of the Wizard Zoraster, some of the Munchkin figures I’ve been working on, and one from a playtest we did Friday.

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  1. Hi! Hope to contact Norm, who wrote N.U.R.D. some years ago. He kindly gave me a copy, which I’ve slightly modified (go figure), and use in Bronze Age chariot games. I have requests for copies, but don’t want to pass on without Norm’s permission. If known, could you give Norm my email so he can contact off group? Thanks, Rich Smethurst, Cincinnati, OH.

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