Highwaymen and Smugglers

No, I’m not talking about members of Congress! I am talking about figures I purchased from Outpost Wargaming Service from Badger Games. These really appealed to me a year or so ago. I bought a bunch — a few were out of stock. During the plague lock-in, a lot of stuff in my painting queue is moving to the painting table at a faster-than-normal rate.

Work in progress photo of the highwaymen and other figures as I completed them. This is the queue for flocking.

These were a nice break after painting the Ozz figures with a lot of figures in Napoleonic style uniforms. With these, I could paint them in whatever colors I wanted. Of course many were in dark cloaks, the better to conduct nefarious enterprises in the dead of night.

Another work in progress photo.

Many of the WSD smugglers and highwaymen have mounted and dismounted versions of the same figure. I actually didn’t realize this at first. I was going to paint all the dismounted figures first and then the mounted figures. Then I realized there were many matched pairs and I started painting them at the same time.

This one is called “the Colonel’s lady.”

I really like the dragoon figures. There were mounted and dismounted versions of them as well; although, there were limited poses.

Mounted dragoons
The brigands accost a coach full of wealthy victims. (The coach is from Old Glory.)

I see a scenario in which two rival bands of brigades want to loot from the coach. One of the people in the coach is secretly a hero type. Dragoons rush onto the table to the rescue. There will be at least four distinct factions.

Some miscellaneous figures in front of the Old Glory coach.
Another group falls victim to marauders.
Just a few more figures.

I didn’t take pictures of every figure in the line. There were a lot of them as you can see from the work in progress photos.

I mixed into this batch of figures a few others from the project box as well.

My daughter’s D&D character “designed” on Hero Forge.
Some Asterix and Obelix Romans. I wish I could find more of these Asterix and Obelix figures at a reasonable price.
I don’t even know where this figure came from. It was in my painting box. I don’t know where I got it, who made it, or anything.
A figure I designed for myself on Hero Forge to amortize the shipping of my daughter’s figure.

I began this batch of figures last Saturday, so they took me a full week to complete. I will combine these with the Old Glory duelist figures to make some fun scenarios, but I don’t know when I’ll get them on the table with all the “social distancing.”

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