Didn’t Get Much Painting Done This Weekend


Sunday involved a fair amount of Mother’s Day activity, Saturday my daughter wanted me to teach her how the change the oil in her car, and Saturday night was virtual D&D. I also needed to sort through all my pulp figures and reogranize them from five Really Useful Boxes to six to make it easier to find figures I needed for a specific game. All of that limited my painting time.

I completed five battalions of 10mm Prussian Landwehr. I also completed a bag full of 10mm Austrian artillerists to add to existing artillery bases that had no gunners.
I completed this Pulp Figures gypsy “unit.” I don’t know if they will ever get into a game, but they were fun to paint.
I completed these three Reaper Bones figures. I don’t know why I had them primed and sitting in my project box awaiting painting, but they called to me this weekend.

I also made a good start on several regiments of Prussian Landwehr cavalry figures in 10mm. I hope to finish them this week and post pictures. When I complete them, I’ll just have two regiments of Prussian Dragoons to finish up all the 10mm Napoleonic figures that have been staring at me for a couple of years, filed, primed, and mounted on sticks for painting.

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