Another COVID Hobby Weekend


The focus of this weekend was another Wars of Ozz play test game over Zoom. Chris and Greg were the opponents, and I was the game master. This time we recorded the entire game, and I have posted a video on YouTube. See the video here: This is a full, three-turn game that reached a decisive conclusion. Three turns doesn’t sound like a lot, but since every unit activates twice per turn and since you do a lot of things during your opponent’s activation, it feels like a lot more than three turns of activity occur in three turns.

This is the table setup for the game after the first turn, as I recall. I had the camera on my MacBook and the camera on my phone both looking at the table from different angles. In this picture you see the Munchkins advancing on their left flank against the Quadling cavalry unit (using a Munchkin battery as a substitute).
A Quadling unit is routing in the center while the Munchkins continue to advance. At this point, it looked like it was going to be a clear Munchkin victory — but then Chris’ dice got in the way.
A view from the opposite direction.

After the game ended, I stitched together the video that Chris recorded and the video that I recorded to make the video that I posted on YouTube.

Before we started the game, while I had the table setup, I also filmed a short rules tutorial video that I posted to YouTube. See The production values are poor, and I will have to reshoot them later for the Kickstarter, but this will give folks an idea of how the game works.

After replacing all the door handles in the house to satisfy CINC Domicile, and three hours of work for work, I did have a chance to do a little painting on Sunday.

Three regiments of Prussian Dragoons for Fate of Battle.

I finished three regiments of 10mm Prussian dragoons that I had sitting around primed and ready to paint for a couple of years. All of the 10mm Napoleonic figures in my backlog are painted and ready for action. With my focus on Combat Patrol, Feudal Patrol, and Wars of Ozz the past couple of years, Dave has used my 10mm Napoleonic more than I have.

Some Reaper Bones figures I finished on Sunday and some GW figures I started to paint for our Leonardo DaVinci What a Tanker! game (that would have been run at Historicon in July).

I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find things to paint after two months of government-forced captivity. I don’t enjoy painting the early Bones figures at all, but these were sitting in the project box calling to me. (When I get new figures, I typically file, prime, and base them immediately so that they are ready to paint when the muse strikes me. They go into one of four 4L Really Useful Boxes, called my “project boxes.”) I tried the contrast paints that worked so well on the Wars of Ozz figures, but there is something about the mushy detail on the early Bones figures that made them turn out poorly. Anyway, they are just waiting for flocking to be “done.” I think these GW figures will be fun to paint, and I intend them to be very colorful to go along with the tanks I built (see previous post). These really won’t have a role in the What a Tanker! Leonardo DaVinci game, but they will look good on the table. This week I’ll plink at these figures a little each night and hopefully finish them next weekend. Then I have about 90 Vikings and Anglo Danes to assemble and paint.

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