Leonardo Gets Anti-Tank Guns


In a previous post, I showed the tanks inspired by Leonardo da Vinci that we plan to use in a What a Tanker! game in the near future. It was planned for Historicon in July, but Pennsylvania won’t allow gatherings of that size by July. As I continue to empty my box of primed and ready-to-paint figures, I came across these GW figures that are a combination of gifts from my buddy Greg and flea market finds. I thought I would paint them up for possible use in the da Vinci What a Tanker! game as anti-tank guns.

Two wagons carrying anti-tank riflemen.

I started by painting an old GW war wagon and a kit-bashed rat-powered vehicle. I don’t know what forces, sides, factions, or races these belong to in Warhammer, but they are cool looking vehicles. In the background are some Reaper Bones civilians watching the “parade” pass them by.

A closer look at the war wagon.
A view from the opposite side.
A closer view of the rat-powered wagon.

I am not 100% sure that Don will be able to use these in the What a Tanker! game. I figured these wagons could have the stats of an open-topped tank destroyer, like the ones built on Pz 38(t) chassis by the Germans in the early part of the war. As What a Tanker! is focused on tanks, I don’t even know if there are rules to anti-tank rifles, but I’m sure someone has come up with home rules for them that we can leverage.

In the background of this work-in-progress picture you can see a fun looking, sci-fi toy cannon that my dad found in eBay. I have three of them, and decided to repurpose one for da Vinci.
A work-in-progress shot of the repurposed tank, next to an original, green plastic one.

I started making the cannon, because some of the figures I was painting looked like artillery crewmen to me.

The completed gun and the gun crew.

This gun should be like an 88mm or at least a 76mm in the game, but again, we’ll see how Don wants to stat things our or whether he wants to use them at all.

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