More Figures Painted


I spent much of the weekend scanning about 3000 slides into digital files, but I did have a little time to do some painting in the early mornings before my wife got up. Here is what I accomplished.

Dr. Who Draconian and Sontaran in 40mm.
Rommel and Monty in the Western Desert.
From the other viewpoint.
Some Mediaeval or Fantasy civilians. I am not sure the manufacturer.
Sally 4th Sailors.
Sally 4th figures inspired by the High Road to China movie.
Pulp Figures woman in sidecar motorcycle from the recent Dangerous Dames Kickstarter.
Same figure, but dismounted.
SciFi cryogenic chambers. These were casualty pods for the ambulance version of the LARC vehicle for ACP 164.
Goblin riding a pteradactyl.
Another view of a goblin riding a pteradactyl.
A wide shot of the goblin riding a pteradactyl.

Tonight I need to wrap up the play test version of Wars of Ozz for the Kickstarter, so I am not sure I’ll complete any figures tonight.

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