Down the Rabbit Hole, Part 2 …

I mentioned last time that I had decided to cast a batch of Prince August fantasy figures (as well as some historicals for my Dux Bellorum project).  I grabbed five of them with reasonably good casting quality and tried painting them with my travel paint kit.  It’s taken all week to get them finished, time being somewhat scarce, but here they are.  The sorceress and the spearman were shown before basing last week.  From left to right, we have a sorceress from mold 657 (Wizards), a female rogue/fighter from mold 660 (Female Adventurers), an archer from mold 669 (Heroes and Fighters), a spearman from mold 652 (Men of the City), and a barbarian leader from mold 670 (Barbarians II).
Sample Troupe of Prince August Figures

I had fun painting them, which, of course, is the main object.  I set up another dozen, including some sample dwarves, and enough spearmen to start looking like a unit plus a Men of the City swordsman/officer, and we’ll see if I make any progress on them in the near term.

While the Oathmark game remains the end goal, once I finish this dozen, I will probably try cleaning up and painting some goblins, orcs and trolls, which would give me a chance to get them on the table as a small skirmish game, probably using A Song of Blades and Heroes.

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