Down the Rabbit Hole, Part IV

It has been more than usually busy here the past couple of weeks.  My partner and I finally got married yesterday, in a quiet ceremony at home.  For pandemic protection, attendance was limited to eight total, but we still had everything all cleaned up and looking good around the house.  The folding wargames tables did double duty as actual banquet tables for a change.
I got a few additional Prince August castings finished up for the fresh start fantasy project.  There are two figures from the Men of the City mold (652), and a wizard from the Wizards mold (657).  

I’ve got a mounted warrior in progress that I’ll probably finish next. That would give me nine humans, which is probably close enough to work up a standard-sized Song of Blades and Heroes warband.  (There are also four Men of the City spearmen being done as a group, if it turns out that I’m a bit short.). That means the next thing that I will get started on is an opposition warband, to be drawn from the collection of orc, goblin, hobgoblin, and troll castings.  The undead warriors, skeletons, and wraiths all cast reasonably well, and would be an alternative possibility, but Oathmark currently has no undead unit profiles, so my intention is to do this with an eye toward future expansion.

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Author: Rob Dean

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