“Scratch Built” Star Wars Building

Top view of Star Wars building

This weekend I started re-watching Rebels. I had a partially completed building since a year or more before my move that has been taunting me, so I decided to turn it into something for Star Wars games using Combat Patrol(TM). The original skeleton was something called War Core. These were black-core foam board shells that you could assemble and then decorate. This one had been sitting on a shelf all black and lonely for at least two years.

The back door.

I 3D printed some sci-fi doors and windows and some Star Wars Legion greebles that I found on Thingaverse to cover the windows and doors. I also printed the metal uprights.

One side with two of the shutters not yet added.
The other side.
The front.

I filled in the cracks and gaps in the original shell with sparkle and then sprayed the whole building with a Krylon texture paint. The paint was the brown color you see. I then printed the decorations black and dry brushed them with sliver.

Luke and Darth having a disagreement.
The front of the building.

These kits come apart to reveal interior floors.

Removing the roof.
Removing the second story.
Revealing the bottom floor.
Greg made me a sign that says “Priebe’s Privvy.”

I think War Core is now defunct, but I have one more kit left. I use several of these kits to make buildings for my pulp games set in Granville. I will keep the other one in the bag until the muse strikes me or I need a specific building for a game.

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Author: Buck Surdu

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