Down the Rabbit Hole — Part 6

 After a couple of weeks of using my painting space for work-at-home, I finally cleared it off during my day off yesterday for its primary purpose.  As mentioned in the previous five installments in this series, I have been attempting to put enough new stuff during the pandemic to run a game.  The ultimate goal may be to have a force sized for Osprey’s Oathmark rules, but in the near term, I’ll settle for a skirmish.

I have finished eight humans, which should give me enough for a basic warband in A Song of Blades and Heroes. I got as far as cleaning up and priming a dozen or so trolls, goblins, orcs, and hobgoblins from the Prince August molds a few weeks ago.

With inspiration having arrived yesterday, I pulled them out and did a quick paint job on six of them, two trolls and four goblins, all from Prince August mold #656.

They are shown here with a barbarian warlord from Prince August mold #670, to give a sense of the scale.

While I usually paint my orcs olive drab, my son’s recent orc painting prompted me to try something a little different, so the orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins for this project are going to be in a yellowish khaki.  I did the two trolls in the “traditional” olive, because it’s fantasy.  I still have another half dozen of the orcs, hobgoblins, and goblin wolfriders on the desk, and will need three to six of them to be ready for a skirmish game.  Back to painting…

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Author: Rob Dean

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