Fishwife and FIsh Barrel: Bones 4 Dreadmere Figures

       Happy New Year!  Another year, and more Bones to be painted! 🙂  And I do mean more, as it’s just a few short months away until the expected delivery of the Bones 5 Kickstarter in April; and then every indication is that the Bones 6 Kickstarter will launch in the Fall!  
      This past week though, I got back to work on the Bones 4 Dreadmere Expansion, and painted the “Fishwife and Fish Barrel”.    I nice simple figure set to get me back into the groove.
      I prepped the figures in the usual way, soaking them in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish-soap added, then giving them a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying it.  I then glued the Fishwife figure to a brown-primed 1″ fender washer, and the Fish Barrel to a .75″ fender washer, both with Aleene’s Tacky glue.  I then placed the Fishwife figure in my painting grip, and glued the barrel to a craft stick.

     I began by painting her face and hands with Reaper MSP Bones “Suntan Flesh”.  I then painted her shirt with Americana “Jade Green”, and her dress with Accent “Mustard Seed”. 
     Next, I painted her leggings with Folk Art “Poppy Seed”, and her boots with Reaper MSP HD “Umber Brown”.  I then painted her apron with Reaper MSP “Graveyard Bone”, and the towel tucked into it with Folk Art “Porcelain White”.   After that, I painted the knife holder with Reaper MSP HD “Golden Brown”, and the knife handles with the “Umber Brown”. 

         I then painted her hair with Ceramcoat “Black”, and then painted the handle of the cleaver with Reaper MSP “Shield Brown”, and the head of the cleaver with Americana “Zinc”.  After that, I went to work on he fish.  I decided the best plan would be to copy a real world fish, so I quickly googled some pictures of trout.  With a general “look” in mind,  I started by painting the underside of the fish with Americana “Grey Sky”.  I then painted the back of the fish with Reaper mSP Bones “Dungeon Slime”.  While these colors were still wet, I ran a line of Reaper MSP “Rose Gold” down the center line of between them on each side. 

     I let the figure dry for a while, and then applied a coat of Citadel “Reiklande Fleshshade” Wash over her face and hands.  I let that dry, and then applied a coat of Citadel “Agrax Earthshade” over her entire outfit.  Then, lastly, I applied a coat of Citadel “Nuln Oil” wash to he fish and cleaver head.   After all the washes were good and dry, I painted her eyes, and then highlighted her face and hands using Reaper MSP “Tanned Skin”, and “Tanned Highlight”.

     Next,  I highlighted her shirt, with some of the base “Jade Green” mixed with Ceramcoat “White”, and highlighted her dress with Reaper MSP “Bronzed Skin”, and Reaper MSP “Bronzed Highlight”.   After that, I highlighted her hair with some Citadel “The Fang”, and highlighted her apron with the base “Graveyard Bone”.  Lastly, I highlighted the leggings with Folk Art “Dapple Grey”, and added an eye to the fish with the “Black”. 

     I then highlighted the towel tucked in her apron using the base “Porcelain White”, and I highlighted the knife case with Ceramcoat “Territorial Beige”.  After that, I highlighted the boots and knife handles with Folk Art “Teddy Bear Brown”, and I highlighted the axe handle with Americana “Sable Brown”. 

     Next, I worked on the fish; basically just using the base colors to highlight it: “Grey Sky” for the underbelly, “Dungeon Slime” for the back, and “Rose Gold” for the stripe.  Then I painted the cleaver head with Folk Art Metallics “Gun Metal”, and highlighted it with Ceramcoat “Metallic Silver”.  Lastly, I painted the figure’s base with Americana “Mississippi Mud”.
    I then worked on the barrel, using the “Shield Brown” to paint the body of it.  After that, I painted the octopus with Reaper MSP “Drow Nipple Pink”, and the fish with Folk Art Pearl “Aqua Moiré”, I also painted the hoops with DecoArt Dazzling Metallics “Bright Brass”.

     I let the barrel dry for a while, and then gave the whole thing a coat of the “Nuln Oil” wash. When the wash was dry, I drybrushed the barrel with the “Territorial Beige”, and then I drybrushed with some Folk Art “Butter Pecan”.   Next, I highlighted the octopus with the base “Drown Nipple Pink” mixed with some Reaper MSP “Breast Cancer Awareness Pink”, and then did a few spot highlights with Reaper MSP “Brains Pink”.   After that, I highlighted the fish with the base “Aqua Moiré”, and then mixed in a little Reaper MSP “Sophie Silver” for some spot highlights.  I finished with highlighting the hoops with the base “Bright Brass”.  Lastly, I painted the figure’s base with Americana “Mississippi Mud”.

      I let the figures dry overnight and the next day I gave them a coat of Americana “DuraClear Matte” varnish. I then used some white glue to glue some fine sand to the bases.  When the sand was dry, I painted it with a coat of Americana “Charcoal Grey”. When this was dry, I drybrushed the sand with the “Mississippi Mud”, and then with some Apple Barrel “Rock Grey”; lastly I drybrushed it with a little Americana “Dove Grey”.
      Another overnight dry, and I sprayed the figures with Testor’s Dullcote”.  When the Dullcote was dry, I went back and repainted the  all the fish and the octopus with a little Americana “DuraClear Gloss” varnish. 

     I’m pleased with how this simple figure turned out; it has a ton of character, as so many of Reapers townsfolk have.  My big criticism is the highlights on her dress turned out a little too stark.  It makes the dress look shiny or wet, which with this figure isn’t too out of place, but not the look I was going for for.  I’m especially pleased with the big fish! 🙂

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Author: Chris Palmer

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