Down the Rabbit Hole — Part 7

 Well, well, well…it’s been over two months since I posted anything.  The good news is that I and my family are well; the bad news is that this winter has been a motivational low point.  So, I haven’t been painting, and the couple of games that I have gotten in didn’t result in battle reports.

I finally picked up a paint brush last weekend and knocked out a quick Prince August orc archer, using a limited paint palette (my travel paint kit), just to knock the rust loose and get things moving again.  My gamer family has been gathering for a weekly hobby chat time on Discord, so we decided that we would paint while we talked this week.

Having gotten started on Prince August, out of several possible to-do things in my project box, I finished up a couple of armored orcs (from mold 659), a pair of goblin wolf(?) riders (from mold 668), and a mounted human (from mold 667).


That finally gives me enough figures to put together 300 point war bands for A Song of Blades and Heroes, so I hope that a little solo game will be on the table shortly, entirely staffed and scenicked with things painted since the stay-at-home orders originally went into effect almost a year ago.  

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Author: Rob Dean

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