Moor Troll: Bones 4 Figure

      This past week I painted the “Moor Troll” figure from the Bones 4 Trolls Set. 
       I prepped the figure in the usual way, soaking it in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish-soap added, then giving it a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying it.  I then glued the figure to a grey-primed 2″ fender washer with Aleene’s Tacky glue.  I then used a couple large drops of Elmer’s to glue him to the top of a pill bottle.

     I began by painting the figure entirely with Ceramcoat “White”.  I then let it dry for a while, and when I came back I gave it a coat of Citadel Contrast “Space Wolves Grey”.  While the “Space Wolves Grey” was still wet, I went over the figure and dabbed it here and there with splotches of Citadel Contrast “Creed Camo”. 

          When the Contrast paint was dry, I painted the scaled areas on his legs and forearms with Citadel “The Fang”.   When dry, I drybrushed the entire figure with Folk Art “Cloudy Day”, and then followed with a lighter drybrush of Americana “Grey Sky”.  After that, I did some spot highlighting with some Folk Art “Dove Grey”, and a little Americana “Snow White”.  I then painted his hair with Ceramcoat “Charcoal”. 

          Next, I painted the rope belt on his loincloth with Reaper MSP “Shield Brown”, and then painted the loincloth with Vallejo “Brown Violet”.  I then painted the fur hanging on the loincloth with Americana “Charcoal Grey”, and the skull with Americana “Antique White”.  after that, I painted the inside of his mouth with Americana “Shading Flesh”, and his teeth with Folk Art “Porcelain White”.

     I let everything dry for a while, and then I gave his hair a coat of Citadel “Nuln Oil” wash.  I then the inside of his mouth, and the loincloth, rope, and other items on the loincloth a coat of Citadel “Agrax Earthshade” wash.   After that, I painted his eyes using Americana “Buttermilk” for the “whites, and I then highlighted the inside of his mouth with Reaper MSP “Rosy Skin”, and highlighted his teeth with Americana “Bleached Sand”.  

         I then highlighted his hair with Americana “Zinc”, and Americana “Neutral Grey”.  Next, I highlighted the rope belt with Ceramcoat “Territorial Beige, and the loincloth with Duncan “Olive Green” with a little Americana “Jade Green” mixed in.  After that, I highlighted the fur with Americana “Mississippi Mud”, and the skull with the base “Antique White”, and then used a little Crafter’s Acrylic “Light Antique White” for lighter highlights.  Lastly, I painted his base with the “Mississippi Mud”.  

     At this point, while I was painting the base, I realized I hadn’t painted the claws on his hands or feet.  So I quickly painted them with some Folk Art “Dapple Grey”, and when dry, gave them a coat of the “Nuln Oil” wash.  When that was dry, I highlighted them with Folk Art “Gray Green”.   
      I let the figure dry overnight and the next day I gave it a coat of Americana “DuraClear Matte” varnish.    Then, when  the varnish was dry, I used some white glue to flock the base.  Another overnight dry, and I sprayed it with Testor’s “Dullcote”.  

     I’m generally happy with this guy.   As usual, the Contrast paint looks rather splotchy when used on large surfaces, but I think it’s an okay look for a troll.  Also, oof!, that mold line really shows in the photos across his shoulders and arms.  Luckily, it’s not quite as visible when looking at the figure in person. Must be the way the light and shadow are hitting it in the pictures. 

     No figure for next Monday, as we have some stuff going on Easter weekend that will prevent me from getting any painting done.  So tune back in in two weeks please for my next post.  See you then! 

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Author: Chris Palmer

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