Figure Delayed This Week

      Just a quick post to let you all know that I didn’t get a figure finished in time to post this week.  The weekend turned out to be really busy, and I didn’t get my usual painting time in.  Also, the figure I’m working on, the Fish Seller, from the Dreadmere Expansion, turned out to be much more difficult to work on than anticipated.

     There’s a couple problems with this figure that have really been slowing me down.  First, this is a figure that should not come pre-glued.  The cart, hands, arms, and front of the bent-over woman are just all too close and cramped, and it is really difficult to get in there to paint any of it.  Second, the cart is designed so there is a lot of areas that should be open that are sculpted solid; for example, the area between the woman and cart is solid plastic, and the area under the cart between the wheels is solid plastic.  Likewise, the cubby hole where the tentacles are solid.  This means a lot of weird optical issues to try and hide.  And thirdly,  the sculpting of the cart is problematic.  The net areas are sculpted with the net cut into the model, not raised.  This means simply dry brushing, or carefully painting, the lines of the net is not an option.  You have to somehow paint the cuts, either before or after painting the what one would assume is the dark shadowed interior of whatever is behind the nets.  Also, the relief of everything sculpted on the cart, the knives, wheels, etc. is very thin, so painting these thin or narrow pieces and staying in the lines is hard, and there is lots of having to go back and paint over mistakes.  

    At this point it  looks like I will be posting it next Monday.  So please stay tuned!

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Author: Chris Palmer

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