BONES 5 Arrives!

 I am happy to announce that last week my Bones 5 Kickstarter order arrived from Reaper! Below are some pictures of the haul and a few things I initially looked at. Due to company visiting over a long Fourth of July weekend, I didn’t have a lot of time to paw through everything, so hopefully more photos next week.
Our official box inspector does his job upon Bones 5’s arrival.  Note the upper left side is totally caved in.  It arrived in that condition.  Reaper did not use a very sturdy box to ship in, and did not stuff it with enough packing material to support it from within.  Luckily, though a few of the interior boxes were crushed a little, no minis appear damaged yet.

My haul of the Core and Expansions. Also shown, Sophie’s Lucky Dice set.

My mound of baggie wrapped Add-Ons and Extra Sets.  Figure included for scale.

The Core Set’s “Gem Dragon”. The base is actually hollow, so crafty folks can attempt to electrify it if they want.
The terrain from the Mandupar Pass Encounter. This is a beautiful big hunk of plastic.  I was amazed at how dynamic and detailed the monkey face above the cave was.
The back of the Mandupar Pass cave entrance.  I really appreciated Reaper making the effort to add detail to the back, making it to a playable area as well.

Krateryx, the Shadow Dragon.  I love that Reaper left its stone base totally natural and did not feel temped to mold the feet directly to it, or put slots in it for feet tabs to go into it.  This way it can also be used as terrain.

Townsfolk, half set.  These figures are great and full of character.  I bought them thinking I could use some as siege engine crew, and I was not disappointed.  While their static poses put me off a little when I saw them listed in the Kickstarter, seeing them in person I realize they will also make great prisoners/captives as well as the more obvious NPCs.

The other half of theTownsfolk set.

The Henchmen set.  Lots of character in these guys!

The Dwarf King’s Crypt.  This is another beautiful set with the figures oozing character.  My one disappointment is the blue they used for the Dwarf King’s ghost.  I wish they had just left it clear.

That’s all I have time for now.  I will do more next week, so if there’s anything you want to see, please let me know in the comments.  Last week I posted a list of all the sets I ordered at the bottom of my painting article.

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