Bones 5 Kickstarter Arrival Photos Part 2

    Hooray!  I was able to pick up my newly-repaired computer this morning, so I thought I would do a special Thursday edition post, and use the opportunity to post the second batch of photos from my Bones 5 Kickstarter haul, then next week I will get back to posting about painting.

Not-Dejah Thoris, from the Chronoscope Expansion.
The Monster from Chronoscope.  Sadly, this comes glued together. I wish they had left the translucent part separate.

The trailer from the Chronoscope expansion.  This seems a little small to me.

Otter Pirates! And the Oyster Familiar.  From the Brinewind Expansion.

 So much character!

Ghost Pirate Captain

Anchor of Damnation and Shrine to Maersuluth from the Brinewind Expansion.  These are great little pieces of scatter terrain.

Seamstress from Brinewind.

Brinewind Doxies and bed.

Assortment of Brinewind scallywags.  The Innkeeper (on left) has some issues with her shoulders and arms looking wonky.

Brinewind Cook, Shark Butcher, and Merchant.

Cat Pirates! 🙂

The Ogre Porter from Brinewind. This is a wonderful model, but unfortunately the kitty riding the cart is not very detailed with mushy face details and stubby ears. 

The Dungeon Dwellers “Treasure Dragon”.  This is a beautiful little dragon and sadly gets overshadowed by its bigger cousins in the Kickstarter.  Shown with the Knight from the same expansion.

The Sea Giant from the Dark Depths Expansion.  This a gorgeous figure with so many cool details!  In my mind, the best figure in Bones 5!

   So tune in next Monday for a return to regularly scheduled service!  I will be posting my first painted stuff from Bones 5!

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