Stained Glass Knight: Bones 5 Figure

      This past week I painted a pair of the “Stained Glass Knights” from the Bones 5 Core Set.  The Core came with one of these figures, and I thought it was such a fun figure I ordered an extra Constructs set to get a second one.   
     I prepped the figures in the usual way, soaking them in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish-soap added, then giving them a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying them.  I then glued the figures to 1″ green-primed metal washers with some Aleene’s Tacky glue.  I then glued the figures to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of white glue each.   

          To begin, I gave both figures complete coats of Americana “DuraClear Matte” varnish.  When this coat was dry, I picked out some details on the armor and painted them with Citadel Contrast “Snakebite Leather”, front and back.  I then painted the rest of the armor with Citadel Contrast “Space Wolves Grey”, both front and back.  With the arms behind the shields, I just painted the backs since the fronts were covered by the shields.

     Next, I painted both the sword blades with Citadel Contrast “Basilicanum Grey”, both front and back. I then painted the shield on the left knight with Citadel Contrast “Talassar Blue”, and Citadel Contrast “Blood Angels Red”; and on the right night with Citadel Contrast “Creed Camo”, and Citadel Contrast “Iyanden Yellow”.  On the shields, I painted the front, and the parts of the back that were’d covered by the armored arm. After that, I painted the faces with Citadel Contrast “Gulliman Flesh”.

     I then painted all the lines between the panes with Ceramcoat “Black”.  When dry, I went over them again using Accent “Princely Pewter”.   After that, I painted the bases with Americana “Neutral Grey”, and when dry, gave them a drybrush with Folk Art “Platinum Grey”. 

    I’m really pleased with how these turned out, and am impressed with how the Contrast paint works on these translucent/clear minis.  I’m looking forward to experimenting with some of the other translucent figures from Bones 5. 


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Author: Chris Palmer

2 thoughts on “Stained Glass Knight: Bones 5 Figure

  1. That is a cool effect, Chris. Of course glass nights shouldn’t throw stones, I guess. To quote Donald Sutherland in Kelly’s Heroes, “They look pretty, but can they fight?” 😉

    1. Yes, glass and soft lead bordering isn’t the most sturdy stuff. And watch out for those glass jaws. 🙂 I have to assume from a game play perspective that whatever magic is animating them also gives them a level of protection. Interestingly, the best known example is from the movie Young Sherlock Holmes, and is credited as being the first fully computer generated character to appear in a movie. There’s a clip on Youtube.

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