Zombie Jamboree and Trollfest (more 1/72 plastic fantasy figures)

 I am making some progress on the Rangers of Shadowdeep goal this week.

As mentioned yesterday, I finished up a quick subdued paint job on the zombies, using a lot of dry brushing and washes.  

Yesterday’s task was to finish the troll.  Some years ago (2014?) I used a Reaper Bones “ghast” as a troll in the early stages of the Portable Fantasy Game project.  Therefore I intended to use another, but I had three of them ready to go pursuant to a wish list for general role-playing game support.  Since they were getting a pretty simple mostly monochrome paint scheme, I decided to do all three.  I was also well along with a Dark Alliance War Troll, based on the usual 60mm by 40mm mass battle stand, so I finished it off too.  I had recently unearthed a primed (but otherwise unpainted) Caesar Miniatures big monster, dubbed a bunyip by my elder son, so it got painted, too.  That’s how it turned out to be Trollfest…

The whole group is shown here with a Strelets medieval city militia axeman for relative scale.
I also based up some expedient plastic spiders last night, so that just leaves me with a vulture to paint and some flies to base, and the Rangers of Shadowdeep will be ready to go, at least as far as figures are concerned.

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Author: Rob Dean

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