Dwarf Statues: Bones 5 Figures, Part 1

      For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on painting a pair of the “Dwarf Statue” models from the pair of The Dwarf King’s Crypt Encounter Sets that I got through the Bones 5 Kickstarter.   
     I’ve come to realize that life has gotten much busier for me this year, and I’m not finding the time to paint my Bones like I used to.  Therefore, going forward, I’m going to try changing my posting schedule to just the first and third Monday’s each month rather than having to do these 2-part posts that I find myself doing more and more often. 
      I prepped the pair of figures in the usual way, soaking them in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish-soap added, then I gave them a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsed and dried them.  I then glued the figures to 2″ primed metal washers with some Aleene’s Tacky glue.  When that glue was dry, I glued each one to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of Elmer’s glue. 

     While I believe these are intended to be all stone, that felt too drab to me, so I decided I would paint the base as stone, and the tops as bronze covered in verdigris.

     So, I began by painting the bases the same way I had painted the bases of the “Everliving Flames” that belong to this set back in September.   To start, I painted the bases with Ceramcoat “Charcoal”.  When dry, I  drybrushed them with, first, Americana “Zinc”, and then Crafter’s Acrylic “Storm Cloud Grey”.

     Next, I did some final highlights with a bit of Americana “Grey Sky”.   Then, I painted the statues with Accent “Mustard Seed”   to give a good base color; and when dry, repainted the statues with Folk Art Brushed Metal “Brushed Bronze”.

     When the “Brushed Bronze was dry, I gave the top statue portions a wash with Citadel “Agrax Earthshade” Shade.   When that was dry, I drybrushed the statues with, first, Ceramcoat “Metallic Bronze”, and then a little Deco Art Dazzling Metallic “Bright Brass”.

    And that’s as far as I’ve progressed.    Please tune in next Monday for the conclusion.

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Author: Chris Palmer

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