The Time Has Come

     As many of my regular readers may have noticed over the last couple months, my posts have become less than regular.  I have found over the course of this past year, my interest in painting Bones figures has dropped considerably.  My attention has been grabbed by other projects, and my Fantasy based gaming has all but dwindled to nothing.  
     I’m not going to say a permanent goodbye, as I don’t know if this is temporary; and somewhere down the line I might pick up a Bones figure again and be inspired, or get a new set of rules that spurs my interest and need to paint more of this sort of figure.  
My first completed Bones Kickstarter figures, posted June 27th 2013.


     I began this blog in June of 2013 as a means to spur me on to painting the entirety of my Bones 1 purchase, and over the past 9 years it has expanded so much further than what I could have imagined; I’ve painted figures from 5 Bones Kickstarters now (6 counting the first CAV Kickstarter.)   And it’s hard to believe that Bones 6 just finished its campaign a couple months ago.  I haven’t purchased much from that on, as even then I was beginning to feel Bones saturated.   

     I want to thank all the readers who have stopped by over the years, and especially those who would leave a comment or two.  It was your enthusiasm that spurred me on over the years.    So, farewell for now.  Hopefully, I’ll see you all around the internet. 


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Author: Chris Palmer

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