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BARRAGE Is Just Over 3 Months Away!

BARRAGE, the HAWKs regional miniatures gaming con held annually in Havre De Grace, MD, is now just over 3 months away! It’s time to mark your calendar for the weekend of September 27-28, start thinking about your travel plans and, if you’re a GM, what game you might like to run. Be sure to bookmark our website, so you’ll be all set when we open for game submission and registration next month. We’re looking to make this year the best ever!



HAWKs Host Test Game for Alzheimer’s Patients

Submitted by HAWKs’ Member, Sam Fuson:


On 9 Sep HAWKS Ed Duffy and Sam Fuson conducted a test play of Panzer Kids Deluxe with Alzheimer’s Patients from Cross Keys Village.  I’ve attached two pictures, one of the table set up for play and second a post game photo with all the participants.   A staff member from the facility monitored and assisted in running the event.

Across the board this was a successful test; the players were engaged, had  fun and said they enjoyed destroying each other’s tanks.  Our goals were to promote thinking by running a Problem Solving Exercise, push motor functions, use lots of colors (eye stimulation/brain function) and do something they’ve never done.  The Germans and Italians fought against the British and French in an early war scenario (non-historic). Each player (there were 6 players and two observers) controlled 3 tanks.
Early on as I explained the rules we saw that we needed to adjust the complexity of the game down.  We simplified the rules to a point where most of the players understood what was going on and game mechanics.  The players had a pretty wide range of ability to comprehend and actively participate.  The staff along with Ed, Kathy (my wife) and I feel we hit a good functional level so that the participants didn’t get confused or frustrated.  Fundamentally,  they enjoyed moving vehicles and rolling dice.  They made their own decisions on what to do after prompting.  The players followed our lead and we guided them through play, announcing the results of their rolls etc.

Bottom Line: They want us to come back; the look on the players faces on the post game photo shows much; we had fun.
We used game dice and rules provided by Peter Schweighofer;  Thanks to Peter and all the HAWKS for sponsoring this event.

Final note. One of the players, named Ed, was a WWII Bombardier on a B24 Bomber.  He wanted to know where the planes were to support his attack!!


Gunboat Diplomacy at NASHCON

image.jpgBuck Surdu commands a small flotilla during the big Gunboat Diplomacy game at NASHCON


NASHCON 1st Session

Don Hogge running Island Raid pt1 using Battleground rules during the first session at NASHCON.




HAWKs Heading to NASHCON

image.jpgThe Hawks are Heading to Nashcon today! See you all there!



2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,200 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Duncan Adams’ Friday Morning “Battle Before the Battle” game

Friday morning Duncan Adams ran a Napoleonic skirmish game, using modified G.A.M.E.R. Rules, in which two skirmish lines did battle as the opposing battalions behind them drew ever closer.


The opening set-up


Center of the British Line


The British Light Infantry masses in the center.


The French Column steadily grinds forward.


The French Column deploys into line.

Despite a valiant effort by the French light troops both phases of the game were won handily by the British.


Mokra, Poland, 1 Sept, 1939; Historicon Photo Report


Quiet village in the path of the German onslaught.

Duncan Adams’ Thursday evening game at Historicon:  Mokra, Poland, 1 Sept, 1939.  Using “Command Decision: Test of Battle” and micro armor.


A German recon company approaches the Polish left.


More recon closes on the center.


Polish support arrives in the form of an armored train.


Their attack stalled, the Germans call in the Stukas.


Epic X-Wing Battle

imageRebels attempt to destroy an Imperial communications satellite.


Duke Morrison Saves Christmas!

The HAWKs New Years Bash got of to a rousing start with a GASLIGHT extravaganza, ” Duke Morrison Saves Christmas”!

image image