Aztec Temple Corner Walls (Plus Some Life & Other Distractions Stuff Added In)

Game Aids and Tools for Feudal Patrol games using the Civilizations Collide Supplement

Conquistador Cavalry

Conquistador Falconet and Crew (Artillery)

Conquistador Sword and Buckler Men (Wargames Foundry)

Perro de Guerra (Conquistador War Dogs)

Conquistador Foot Command, Crossbowmen, and a Couple of Officers

2020 Hobby, Gaming, and Blogging Roundup

Merciless Adventurers

Audacious Arquebusiers!

Montezuma and Chieftains – Wargames Foundry #AZ011 for Feudal Patrol

Aztec Shock Troops – Cuachic Warriors aka The Shorn Ones