Fall-In Saturday Morning and Afternoon HAWKs’ Room Games

Chris Palmer    Here are a few photos of some of the games that were run in the HAWKs room on Saturday morning and afternoon at Fall-In.

Buck Surdu’s “Skirmish in Poland” WWII game using Combat Patrol rules.

Michael Byrne’s “The Russians Have What?” game using Force on Force rules.

Kevin Fischer’s “German Ambush” game using Rifles to the Front rules.

Dave Wood’s “A Skirmish During the First Zulu War” game using Combat Patrol rules.

Rob Dean’s and Ross Macfarlane’s “Detroit, 31 July 1763” game using With MacDuff to the Frontier rules

Duncan Adams’ “Monthyon; First Shots on the Marne, September 5th 1914” game using Look, Sarge, No Charts: 1914 rules.

Geoff Graff’s “Plastic Pirates Pilfer Parrots” kids’ game using Plastic Pirates rules.

David Schlegel’s “Goblins Gone Wild” game using GASLIGHT rules.

Friday’s photos can be seen here: Friday Fall-In

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